Tenzin Rinchen

The man who initiated the dream. Tenzin is the guy who dreamed up BeSports years before it became a reality. Its his dream project and he goes to sleep and wakes up thinking about how to make BeSports its best version. Also a graduate in physical education and master’s in sports management, Tenzin is a former sportsman of the highest level with international exposure, having played for the Tibet national team as its Goalkeeper. He knows what every sports enthusiast and athlete requires from the day he picks up the ball (or any other sporting equipment) to the day he represents the nation at the biggest stage.

Founder & CEO

Tenzin Rinchen Lama

CO Founder & COO

Krit Singh Jamdagni

Krit Singh Jamdagni

Krit Singh Jamdagni is the heart and soul of BeSports. He is the man with the plan and his work has made the dream of BeSports a reality. Having done his bachelor’s in physical education and master’s in sports management, Krit has had his priorities in life figured out right from the start. Being a terrific basketball player himself and having played at various level’s, he has always known the need for support for the athletes in both moral and financial terms. He maintains strong ties with a whole host of athletes and the desire to help them along with everyone else that picks up a sport drives him to make BeSports better everyday.

Deepak Pathak

Deepak Pathak is a business man through and through, holding degrees in business management, business administration and a master’s degree in sports management. Deepak has always had a keen eye for business and especially been a keen observer of the sports at grassroots level. A long stint studying various aspects of the sporting business has enabled him to give the right business direction to BeSports. Also a big movie buff, Deepak brings the flair and panache to BeSports keeping things cool when the situation requires it.

CO Founder & CFO

Deepak Pathak

Chief Marketing Officer

Monika Thakran

Monika Thakran

The grandmother of Team BeSports, in terms of experience, Monika has a varied background which have through some strange twists and turns led her to this point. Ask her straight up and she will tell you, in no uncertain terms, that this work was never something she imagined herself doing. Having worked with big companies like MSF India, Internship desk, aReputation, Monika brings a wealth of corporate experience that is essential to the day to day functionality of BeSports. Without Monika, BeSports would be a sports company, with little interest in managing everything else that goes on behind the scenes that keeps the machine well oiled.

Sanket Chaudhury

Sanket Chaudhury is the human encyclopedia for sports and he watches and recollects information about each and every sport on the planet. If aliens were discovered, the first thing Sanket would ask would probably be, “what sports do they play, and any new sport we can adopt?” A National Law University alumni, Sanket holds a bachelors degrees in arts (economics and political science) and a degree in law along with a master’s degree in sports management. An avid sports fan who doesn’t turn down any opportunity to play, watch or read about any sport, Sanket has made his passion for sports his profession and is living his dream. His vision is to make sports accessible and feasible for every person; so in the future, no child or youngster shies away from a dream of sport.

Chief Sports Officer




Aditya Naik

Aditya is the legs of the operations at BeSports, always up for a trip to the grounds and to meet with people. A footballer since childhood with a Bachelors in Pharmacy and Masters in Sports Management. He has a long background in sales and marketing which helps him in ensuring every operational activity of BeSports runs smoothly, whether its an event or merchandise. Aditya plays a dual role at BeSports, also acting as the motivator in chief, ensuring that not only does he complete his task but also in ensuring that everyone else present stays motivated in doing their work. He is also famous for his catch phrase “ek simple cheej bolta hun” that he uses at the start of pretty much every sentence spoken in terms of work.

P.S. It almost never turns out to be as simple as claimed. But the motivator in chief ensures every person works towards seemingly impossible tasks and ends up achieving them.

Gurpreet Juneja

Gurpreet is the client servicing whiz of BeSports. With an extremely affable personality and a flair for building long lasting relationships, Gurpreet is the most prized addition to the original team BeSports and ensures the clientele of BeSports is never lacking for anything. His dedication towards his responsibilities are off the charts and if you have any feedback or opinion you wish for BeSports to incorporate in its products or services, Gurpreet will make it his life’s goal to ensure they are incorporated to the fullest extent in the working of the company.

Head Client Servicing

Gurpreet Juneja