Refunds are issued at the discretion of the company management as per the following terms outlined after date of purchase.

Note:In case of Intra event, we require a deposit of 50% payment of the total estimate in advance at the time of booking, if we are unsuccessful in organizing the event your deposit will be refunded. However, if the dates are finalized and vendors are paid for their services and then a cancellation is made no refund will be provided.

“I agree to pay the total charges for the services to be provided by BeSports. I understand that my deposit/fee represents only a portion of my total estimated service charges. Bank charges will be deducted as applicable.”


50% of the fee deposited will be deducted from the original deposit amount / payment made if the booking is cancelled at least 5 business days (Saturday, Sundays and holidays not included) prior to the date of tournament and the remaining balance will be paid to you by check within 7-10 business days.

100% of the registration fee will be deducted from the original deposit amount / payment made if the booking is cancelled less than 2 business days prior to the event execution date and there will be no refund in that case.


However, if a cancellation request is received one business day prior to scheduled event date due to some unavoidable emergency, the amount deposited will not be refunded but adjusted in the next event organized. 10% fine would be levied and the remaining amount will be added back to your next event registration fee. An emergency cancellation would be considered in the following cases:

  1. One or more of the participant is not in the best health to participate in the event.
  2. The company you work for “calls” in a working day or one or more of the team member are travelling or not available due to work commitments and the team/individuals are unable to be present to participate in the event.

Note: A proof of the above mentioned has to be submitted on the same day of cancellation or else, the emergency order cancellation terms and conditions stand null and void


No refunds are offered if the cancellation is made on the day of event, no adjustment will be provided either.


If your situation has changed and you are no longer sure of your moving dates or destination you may opt to move your registration to pending status. This will cancel your current event registration and allow the team/individual to reschedule the participation to another event at any time within 3 months without penalty. Registration fee may be changed based on the services you opt for based on your requirement.

All credit card refunds will be processed on your next billing statement.

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